Yoga for Children and Teens

Children and teenagers are under a lot of stress. Peer and family pressure, never ending homework, pressure to compete with other kids, endless extracurricular activities, over-scheduling, sports teams, wanting to fit in, changes in their bodies – it all adds up, creating anxiety, tension, and many times physical, emotional, and mental ailments.

Schools teach grammar, mathematics, history, science, literature, and lots of other subjects students have to study but are not always relevant outside the classroom walls. Some of these extracurricular activities, like practicing piano, dancing, or swimming alleviate some of the tension but unfortunately can also generate more pressure and anxiety.

Thus, children and teens around the world are starting to practice yoga to help themselves relax and feel better.

Most often, yoga is considered to be for adults. However, the younger you start the more you benefit. Practicing yoga helps children and teens live a healthier way of life. Our classes are safe and are an excellent way of exercising. We practice asanas (yoga postures), breathing techniques, meditation, and other yoga and wellness methods. In our courses and workshops, kids learn and practice skills they can use to improve their self-control, self-esteem, will power, concentration, memory, flexibility, and coordination, while becoming more aware of their bodies, minds, and emotions, which are in constant and dramatic change. They become stronger with more choices in their hand.

It has been demonstrated many times that practicing yoga enhances children and teenagers’ physical, mental, and emotional health. Yoga lowers stress, develops intuition and creativity, and can even increase intelligence. The right yoga class teaches elementary things like sitting quietly in one place, ways to relax, how to breathe correctly, and how to concentrate. It develops a focused and calmed mind by balancing and working separately with the two hemispheres of the brain. The right class also helps with disabilities, hyperactivity, growing pains, menstrual pains, lack of sleep, and many other conditions. By practicing yoga techniques, children and teens get rid of blockages that hinder their growth and learn to balance chemicals and emotions in their bodies that get out of control and give them and others so much pain and unhappiness.

Most importantly, they have their own time and space to relax, to feel free, and enjoy their yoga class without any worries or pressures.


IrmaYoga for Children and Teens