Music Meditation


Each musical note has its specific frequency, and when different notes merge, melodies are created, which vibrate in the air. A deaf person does not listen to music with her ears, but indeed feels the vibrations of different instruments and rhythms. We feel different emotions when we hear or feel these vibrations produced by musical instruments or voices. Likewise, the chakras are activated. Each of the chakras resonates with specific instruments and rhythms. Depending on whether the melodies are created by piano, violin, trumpet, tambourine, orchestra or voices one chakra or another is activated.

In this way we use music to meditate. Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight, close your eyes and concentrate on the music. Get lost in the music, feeling the music connection with the chakra you want to activate.

Muladhara synchronizes with the rhythms of drums that attune us with the nature of planet Earth, such as congas, maracas and tambourines. Also aboriginal instruments and rhythms, Puerto Rican bomba music, and the battery activate this chakra.

Swadhisthana vibrates with the electric guitar, jazz music, trumpet, Reggaeton and sensual music.

Manipura synchronizes with Japanese and marching drums, tango music and theme music of many films or TV shows of action such as the theme song of Games of Thrones.

Anahata synchronizes with the piano, bells, the Spanish guitar and the flute.

Vishuddha synchronizes with instruments such as the harp, violin and cello.

Ajña synchronizes with trance and repetitive music.

Sahasrara synchronizes with the pipe organ and sitar (Indian musical instrument).

This is only a sample. The same instrument played in different rhythms can activate diverse chakras. There are also songs that can vibrate at different frequencies depending on the pace they are given. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony usually synchronizes with Anahata. Which chakra vibrates when you listen to this interpretation?

Incidentally, if you want to have this music in your laptop or cell phone, you can convert these videos to MP3 or MP4 using a free video converter such as YTD.

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