The Seventh Chakra – Sahasrara – The Crown Chakra


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Sahasrara is connected to the plane of Ultimate Reality and of truth. It is the ideal chakra for entering Samadhi, to reach and become One with the Wholeness. Sahasrara is the chakra that makes you feel more spiritual. It is the crown above our heads.

It is located four finger breadths above our head. In Sahasrara, there is no polarity; there are no distinctions between positive and negative, masculine and feminine, lunar and solar. There is inspiration, enlightenment, and higher states of consciousness.

In Tantra, it is thought that when Kundalini rises up to Sahasrara, the illusion of the individual self is dissolved and the individual attains realization. At that moment, all feelings, emotions, and desires, which are the activities of the mind, dissolve into the primary cause and Union is achieved.

Samadhi is entered through meditation in Sahasrara, but that explosion of energy may also be achieved through sex, sublimating the energy of Swadhisthana to Sahasrara, or through an embrace, sublimating energy to the highest levels of Anahata. As discussed in the article The Paths of Yoga, there are different ways of reaching Samadhi. Thus, in Jnana yoga, Samadhi may be reached by philosophizing and delving deep into Ajña, but Sahasrara is the chakra exclusively dedicated to this purpose. It is the most direct door to reach Samadhi, but it is also the most difficult to attain.