Laya yoga

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Laya-Yoga_webLaya yoga originates in Shaivism, one of the oldest spiritual traditions. It is an ancient tradition where the practitioner merges with the Universe through subtle energy, such as a sound, color, shape, or state of consciousness.

In Sanskrit, laya means absorption or dissolution. Therefore, Laya yoga is the yoga of merging through this absorption in the dissolution. Imagine yourself lost in the arms of your loved one, dissolving and becoming one, at a level beyond the physical world. I’m not talking about animal sex, but this transcendental embrace where the person feels the other person as she feels herself, as he feels himself. It’s like one plus one is one. This rush in the fusion is similar to the experience of Laya yoga.

Let’s take a sound meditation as an example. In a Laya meditation, the practitioner directs his total concentration to a specific sound, first to external sounds, then internal sounds and sounds that he creates in his mind. With practice and great aspirations, the Laya yogi is able to synchronize with cosmic sounds, sounds that are not heard by the auditory sense, sounds that go beyond time and space. The practitioner is absorbed in the sound, overcoming all distractions and forgetting all external objects, even his own material existence. The mind dissolves in the physically unheard sound. As a result of this practice, the mind gets stronger and attains a deep repose.

All web information is everywhere at all times in the virtual world, but one needs to have an Internet connection and something like a computer to access it. You also need some basic knowledge because what use is the best computer in the hands of a computer illiterate? You attune with your Gmail account when you enter that specific frequency for which you need a password. For others, you just need an address, others you have to pay to enter, and there are many that require special codes. But despite your laptop not working or you forgetting the password, your Gmail account and the secrets of NASA are anywhere you have an Internet connection, a functioning computer, and the appropriate knowledge to connect to each specific site. All that information is out there on this planet, in the universe, whether you can or want to attune. Listen to this sound of space captured by NASA.

Just like that, I can resonate with any frequency in the universe. By entering into a rage because a car cut me off without warning, I tune into the universal frequencies of anger and bitterness, and of course, they are multiplied, begetting stress and ailments like migraines or ulcers. Of course, I have the capability to choose other frequencies and be happier and healthier.

Similarly, one synchronizes with a cosmic sound. The nonphysical ear synchronizes with that specific frequency, filtering all other frequencies present. This meditation is deep and requires practice and perseverance to reach the goal of blending into that sound. Very good for people who learn more through the sense of hearing.

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