The Sixth Chakra  –  Ajña  – The Third Eye


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Ajña is the chakra of intuition, of the intellect, of consciousness, extrasensory perceptions, telepathy, clairvoyance, and the understanding of dreams. It is related to the mind, the individual I, the power of internal perception, and of vision beyond the five senses. It is the chakra which can access that large unused percentage of our brain. It is also known as the control center of the chakras.

The third eye is our internal and external visual center. It is the portal of entry to the world of spiritual energy. In this chakra, there is also the clarity of thought, the capacity for analysis, and the ideals of a person. Physically, it controls the pineal gland, the pituitary, the spinal cord, the nervous system, the emotional, mental, and physical balance, and the biological and chemical processes of the brain, particularly of the left side.

People who deny everything which they cannot perceive or demonstrate via the five senses probably suffer from imbalances and blockages in this chakra. Also, those with an excessive reliance on the mind, who tend to rationalize everything. Mental disorders, being afraid of the future, being too distracted, too intellectual, logical, or illogical, are also symptoms of a blocked or unbalanced Ajña.

When it is properly activated, harmony, dignity, grandness, superior feelings, and clairvoyance are developed.

Ajña is located in between the eyebrows, about two inches above the root of the nose. Even though it is assigned the color indigo, and also golden yellow, Ajña is above the elements and the senses. The mind does not have color, neither does Ajña.

Someone who practices Jnana yoga probably has a well-developed Ajña chakra.